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Planning for the Future

You never know what’s around the corner. But it doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared every time you make the turn. CBP Executive provides a valuable resource for individuals to help protect their futures both personally and professionally.

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  • Term Life Insurance
  • Term life insurance protects individuals under a life insurance policy for a determined period of time. When the time period ends, the coverage and benefit will expire. Should the insured die during the term, the death benefit is paid to the beneficiary of the policy. Term life insurance is the least expensive way to cover an individual for a substantial death benefit. Term life insurance is typically purchased to protect financial responsibilities such as mortgages, debt, education and funeral costs.
  • Permanent Life Insurance
  • Permanent life insurance policies accumulate cash value and is effective for the life of the insured or until the policy endows. These policies accrue cash value during the life of the policy and guarantee a consistent premium for the life of the insured. A permanent rate is locked in once the policy is obtained.
  • Disability Insurance
  • Monthly benefits provided to an insured when they cannot perform the duties of their current occupation due to a disability.
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Coverage for individuals who cannot perform everyday tasks such as; bathing, dressing, eating, and walking.
  • Business Continuation
  • Helps a business determine its next course of action should a principle die, retire, or become disabled.
  • Buy/Sell Agreement Funding
  • Protects you and your business if a partner or a majority shareholder passes away or is forced to leave the business.
  • Key Executive Insurance
  • Protection for your business in the event of the death or disability of a principal or key employee.
  • Estate Planning
  • In event of death, estate planning involves setting up trusts, a will, beneficiary and legal documents.
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"My partners and I were looking for ways to feel more certain about an uncertain future. CBP found it for us."

Gail W., New York